LinkAliasTM Manager v1.2

Use this interface to configure the database that the LinkAliasTM Manager will use to track your click statistics. You have the option of using a MySQL database, or a text file database.


Data Storage Configuration:


MySQL allows for faster, more efficient management of your click through statistics. However, not all web hosts support MySQL. Contact your web hosting administrator to find out if you can use a MySQL database. They will also tell you how to retrieve the information you'll need to enter in the boxes below.

Text databases are available if you cannot or do not wish to use a MySQL database. The LinkAliasTM Manager will work identically in either case, but will work faster with larger amounts of data using MySQL.

Please note that if you create a database using one format, but then decide to use the other format, your link aliases will not transfer. We will add this functionality in an upcoming version.

  Do you have and wish to use a MySQL database?

If you're not sure, answer no or ask your system administrator.
Yes   All data will be stored in your MySQL database.
No   All data will be stored in text files.
  Do you wish to keep a count of unique visitors?
Yes   Slower, but better tracking.
No   Faster, but no Unique IP stats.
  What is your MySQL database name?
If unsure, ask your system administrator.
  What is your MySQL hostname?
If unsure, ask your system administrator.

What is your MySQL userid?
If unsure, ask your system administrator.

  What is your MySQL password?
If unsure, ask your system administrator.


FTP Account:


LinkAliasTM Manager needs to write a configuration file to your account to create the text database if applicable and to save the configuration settings. It does this by using FTP to access your web hosting account. In order to gain access your FTP userid and password are required.

This data is only used by LinkAliasTM Manager during setup and is NOT transmitted to anyone.

  What is your FTP server address/hostname?
This is generally the same address you uploaded this script to.
  What is your FTP userid for this account?
  What is your FTP password for this account?

Depending on your server configuration, LinkAliasTM Manager may not be able to access your account via FTP. If this is the case, you will be asked to manually create the required folder and CHMOD it to permission level 777. You will be notified if this is the case.



User Settings:

  This administration interface is password protected after setup. Please select a userid and password to access this script after completing this setup wizard.
  User ID:
  Confirm Password:
  Error notifications will be sent to the address you enter below.
  Email Address:

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