The Edifier

The Edifier
West Allen Church of Christ

  A Story Too Often Repeated   Preachers and Ethics
  Do Not Sin Against the Child   Indwelling of the Holy Spirit
  Profanity: A Christian's View   Does Jesus Live at Your House?
  Christian Only- A Personal Commitment   Who is a Wise Man?
  Religious Christmas Songs: Towards a Scriptural Approach   For the Love of God
  Can One Be Save Outside the Church?   The Green Wood
  Peace is Fragile   Why I Attend Every Service
  Homosexuality   Have You Ever Been To Hell?
  Persuading People to Obey the Gospel   It's a Tragedy Alright
  How Love Covers Sin   The Whole Armor
  False Standards of Right and Wrong   The Church: Accident or Purpose of God
  In The Grip of "INIQUITY"   Saying "Oh, My God"
  In the Footsteps of the Multitudes   Bible Baptisms Need No Opinions
  I am an Influence   Marriage, Divorice, and Remarriage
  The Seriousness of Individual Sin   When The Roll is Called Up Yonder
  The Need for Bible Authority   Speaking the Truth in Love
  The Goals of the Christian   David, A Man of God
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