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Bible Baptims Needs No Opinions

Boyd Jennings

Many people avoid discussing Bible topics much like they avoid talking politics. Some may even be willing to discuss a political issue, but would not consider discussing anything in the Bible. I leave that to the preachers, they might say.This may be due to the fact that people do not study their Bibles enough to discuss it with anyone, or it may be that they hold the view that "one opinion is as good as another" when it comes to religious matters.

It stands to reason that since God has revealed His will to man in the Scriptures (2 Tim 3:16-17), that He intends for man to understand it (His will) alike. Therefore, opinions should be avoided, and a diligent effort made to determine exactly what the Scriptures teach. Studying all that the Bible says on a given subject will certainly help in this regard. Even ona subject like baptism, which is ordinarily considered to be a highly controversial subject, one can understand and accurately apply what the Bible

1.Jesus commanded baptism Matt 28:19

2. A proper subject for baptism is one who has been taught the gospel of Christ, believed its message, and will repent and obey the word of Christ Acts 2:38; 18:8

3.Baptism requires water Acts 8:36

4. Baptism requires much water John 3:23

5. Baptism requires going down into and coming up out of the water Acts 8:38-39

6. Baptism is a burial (implying immersion) Rom 6:3-4; Col 2:12

7. Baptism is symbolic of Christís death, burial and resurrection Rom 6:3-10

8. Baptism initiates a new life in Christ Rom 6:4, 17-18

9.Baptism unites one to Christ Rom 6:5; Gal 3:26-27

10. Baptism is for the remission of sins Acts 2:38; 22:16

11. In refusing baptism, one rejects the counsel of God. Luke 7:30

12. Baptism should be performed without delay Acts 2:41; 16:33

13. Baptism does also now save us 1 Pet 3:21

14. There is only one baptism remaining today. Eph 4:5

Each reader may verify in his own Bible that the above statements are factual. Does your baptism fit the Bible description?