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Does Jesus Live at Your House?

Jim R. Everett

A Bible class teacher had told her five year olds that Jesus was not simply a man who lived hundreds of years ago, but that He is alive and well today. One of her more enthusiastic little boys decided that he would begin knocking doors in his neighborhood to see if Jesus could be found. Up and down his street he went, looking for Jesus. Knocking at each door, he would ask, "Does Jesus live here?"

It was a good question for the surprised neighbors then, and it is a good question for us today. Does Jesus live at your house? Would Jesus be comfortable at your house if he came for a visit? Would you be honored to have Jesus as your guest, or would there be too many adjustments to make?

Sadly, it is sometimes true that the perfect gentleman at the office is a tyrant at home. The woman who is the sweetest teacher at school is the most hateful mother on her street. The kindest of neighbors is sometimes the most unfair spouse imaginable. When these things are true, Jesus has not been incorporated into daily life. Jesus intended for His influence to penetrate even into our family circle. His New Testament teaches that "husbands are to love their wives and show no bitterness toward them" (Col 3:19). "Wives are to love their husbands and children" (Titus 2:4). "Children are to obey and honor their parents" (Eph 6:4).

It is tragic to see a family destroyed because the spirit of Jesus has been excluded. Husbands and wives who constantly quarrel; Children who demonstrate disrespect for their parents; Adults turning to alcohol, and children taking drugs - all give evidence to the absence of Christ in someone's life. When Christ is included (and not left at the church building) a family can enjoy each other's company. There will be kisses, pats on the back, and forgiveness.

Is Jesus living at your house?